There are three deities in the world of OrentilBareus, Krasis, and Zeinos. Most religions hold that these deities created the world of Orentil, either in whole or in part. The exact circumstances of this creation are disputed among the religious people in the world. However, some version of this is part of the cultural history of each race in the world. Also present in each world is some variation of Mirmeior, the World Tree, whose branches hold the realms of men as well as those of the Gods. The History of the world is replete with instances of the deities appearing in the world, or sending prophets to lead their followers.

Though there are only three deities, there are many different sects of people who worship them. Each sect differs in interpretation of that deity’s holy words, holy practices, and belief. Though some sects are insistent that their interpretation is the “correct” one, others see all the different interpretations as arriving at more or less the same fundamental truth.

While divine magic is fairly common in the world, not everyone worships one of these deities. Some choose not to worship at all, while others find different sources of power…

List of Sects by deity





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