The Peacekeepers (TN)

The Peacekeepers are a True Neutral sect of Zeinos worship. They do not actually worship Zeinos – rather, they believe that Zeinos is a balancing force built into reality itself. There is no real name for this sect – “peacekeepers” is a term given to this sect by adjacent townsfolk. The Peacekeepers teach that people should learn to be above the false categories of good and evil, and that killing should be avoided at all costs – though they usually make exceptions for self-defense or for that of others. Peaceful or nonlethal solutions are preferred.

They believe that all creatures are locked in an eternal cycle of life and death, and that such peaceful coexistence will allow them to eventually transcend nature’s cycle. Many choose to live ascetic lives of meditation and contemplation. Others, however, travel the realm in search of enlightenment. Most reject civilization in favor of living with nature.

Game Mechanics

Symbol: An Oak Leaf
Domains: Travel, Protection, Plant, Animal
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff


Individual beliefs vary greatly from member to member. There is no established dogma. Most members believe that a life removed from violence and temptation will lead to peace, and that the path to enlightenment is personal and different for each person.

Worship and Practice

Most adherents practice meditation of some kind to clear their minds or find focus. They sometimes gather in small monasteries where they live ascetic lives. Some very old and wise peacekeepers sometimes serve as teachers or guides in these places. It is not uncommon to ingest mind-altering substances in order to expand ones consciousness and grant spiritual visions.

Many are strict vegetarians.


Loosely organized. Worship is solitary or in small temples.

Other Religions

Followers of Krasis and Bareus are merely different sides of the same struggle – the goal should not be to win, but to transcend the struggle altogether. Similarly, the Church of Soran fails to realize that their fight against chaos is itself chaotic.


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