Forest Guardians

Forest Guardians (CN)

The Forest Guardians are a Chaotic Neutral sect of Zeinos worship. Followers of this sect are mostly elven warriors who protest the expansion of human cities into sacred forests, and are willing to fight to protect nature. Other races sometimes join their ranks. This is the sect of the majority of elves in Orentil. Many simply disagree about the lengths they are willing to go to protect their sacred forests.

Game Mechanics

Symbol: An arrow wrapped in vines.
Domains: Chaos, Plant, Sun, Animal
Favored Weapon: Longbow


“One bone broken for each twig snapped underfoot.”

See [{Zeinos]].

Worship and Practice

Prayers and songs that celebrate life and nature’s cycle are part of every worship ceremony. Worship takes place in groves or in Elven cities. Eating meat is rare.


Loosely organized. Small bands of Forest Guardians patrol the edge of the forests for intruders.

Other Religions

Other sects of Zeinos have corrupted his nature in their interpretations – Zeinos is the creator of the elves and guardian spirit of the forest, and nothing else. Bareus worship is human-centric and forces followers to live unnatural lives.

Forest Guardians

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