Church of Soran

The Church of Soran (LN)

The Church of Soran is a Lawful Neutral sect of Zeinos worship. Soran, the law-giver, was a dwarven worshipper of Zeinos who emphasized balance in all things, and who sought to apply these teachings to the affairs of humanoid races. He preached the value of law in establishing harmony and order, and that the essence of justice is balance. Followers of this sect of Zeinos worship are far more ordered in their affairs, and more willing to intercede in the world. Though they abhor killing, they are willing use force to keep order. The result is a cult that seems very far removed and abstracted from the nature god worshiped by the elves.

Justiciars from the Church of Soran are often trusted bodyguards and impartial diplomats.

Game Mechanics

Symbol: A great, flourishing tree.
Domains: Law, Protection, Earth, War
Favored Weapon: Halberd


A peaceful society is obtained through enforcement of law and order. Force is justified in the interest of peace or protection. Respect and keep the traditions of your fathers. Respect your elders, for wisdom comes through age and experience. Always obey legitimate authority. Balance in society is justice; balance in oneself is virtue.

There is no one afterlife – Zeinos sends adherents of this religion to other planes as spirits of order, wherever they are needed. For this reason, it is believed that this afterlife can be attained while still alive. The path of Zeinos is an eternal one.

Worship and Practice

Temples of the Church of Soran are almost fortress, built with defense in mind. They often contain facilities for martial training. Worship is generally solemn, and involves time for personal reflection and confession to the High Priest. Daily prayers in personal shrines are prescribed by the church. Many of them also contain libraries with books about histories and laws of the land, in addition to their many holy books.

Boys come of age whenever they are deemed proficient in sword, bow, and halberd, and can be considered men as young as 12 years old. This is accompanied by a mysterious ritual that is kept strictly secret from outsiders. Marriages are most often arranged between devout families and agreed upon by the fathers. Marriage ceremonies are surprisingly joyous and rowdy affairs, with ritual drinking and songs. Funeral rites occur in private ceremonies.

Wearing brightly colored, revealing, or overly adorned clothing is considered distasteful among adherents of this religion.


The Church of Soran is small, but well-organized. It is headed by the Vicar of Zeinos – his representative on Orentil. Beneath him, many High priests of local churches, each of them commanding other clerics and soldiers. Paladins and Knights of the Church of Soran are often called Justiciars, and are often tasked with enforcing laws and capturing fugitives from justice.

Other Religions

The Church of Aeolus is often a strong ally in the pursuit of justice, though their intolerance of other religions sometimes creates more discord than order. Other Bareus followers seem to care little for the law if it doesn’t directly affect them. Other Zeinos sects cannot see the implications of his revelations as a nature God – they fail to see balance as a transcendent principle. Krasis is chaos.

Church of Soran

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