Church of Calam

The Church of Calam (NG)

Church of Calam (NG): The church of Calam is a much less militant sect of Bareus worship. They follow the teachings of Calam, a criminal-turned-prophet who eschewed the militaristic bent of his predecessors, and emphasized the importance of good deeds. Calam spoke eloquently of the transformative power of Bareus’ love for his creation, which turned him away from his dark path, and led him to a life of healing and preaching. Redemption and compassion are strong themes in this sect. Calam himself was eventually executed by the Tyrean rulers, burned as a heretic. Despite his power, lore holds that Calam did not resist the execution, but went to his death peacefully, knowing that he would go to Bareus’ celestial realm. The church of the Calamites was once a persecuted sect, but they now get along somewhat uneasily with the Tyreans.

Game Mechanics

Symbol: A 10-pointed star on a circle, representing the ten virtues of Calam’s teaching: Prudence, Temperance, Courage, Honesty, Compassion, Wisdom, Hope, Humility, Unity, and Love.
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Air
Favored Weapon: Morning Star


Bareus should be venerated as the creator of the world. Calam was an enlightened emissary of Bareus – following his teachings will lead to maximum flourishing for the human race. One should try to cultivate the ten virtues in oneself to become closer to Bareus. All beings are capable of both good and evil. All beings are capable of redemption. Love even your enemies, and attempt to understand the evil that has led them down this path. Those who lead good lives will join Bareus in his celestial realm, a peaceful place.

Selfishness, Anger, Greed, and Malice are deadly sins that can lead one down a dark path. For these reasons, any discussion of money is seen as unseemly and socially impolite.

Worship and Practice

Worship in the Church of Calam involves daily prayers at sunrise. There are also small, solemn gatherings with group chanting, usually held at the worshipers’ own homes. Though there are some writings by Calam, most people do not read them, but rely on the strong oral tradition.

There are many holy days and days of feasting in the Church of Calam. Most of these are celebrations of heroes, martyrs, and harvest days. Marriage Rites are private and involve a very secretive ceremony. Though the rites are secret, they are also accompanied by a huge feast. The Church of Calam also practices burial of their dead. Funerals are also fairly private, involving only the closest friends and family.


The Church of Calam is very loosely organized. There are no ranks – everyone is equal in the church. However, the wisdom of elder members is respected, making them unofficial spiritual leaders. Large gatherings of Calamites occur for some holy feast days.

Other Religions

Calamites see the Tyreans as somewhat closed-minded, dogmatic, and arrogant in their claim of the only correct way to worship Bereus; in addition, many still blame the Tyreans for their execution of Calam, even after over a thousand years. Many Calamites see the Church of Alirya as a scandalous, blasphemous sect that warps the word of Bareus’ prophets to justify their sinful practices. Followers of Krasis worship the things that are most destructive. The teachings of Zeinos seem to have very little practical relevance.

Church of Calam

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