Church of Alirya

The Church of Alirya

The Church of Alirya is the most controversial of the Bareus-worshipping religions. Alirya was a female prophet of Bareus who contradicted most of the knowledge imparted by the other prophets. She emphasized freedom and creative chaos. Alirya preached that, just as we are locked in a spiritual struggle between good and evil, so too are we struggling against lawfulness and dogmatism that restrict the spirit. People are most in touch with the will of Bareus when they engage in creative acts, and when they explore their spirituality for themselves.

She also preaches that, despite being often represented as male, Bareus is actually female, a view they claim is more consistent better Bareus’ role as creator. Thus, they see the prescribed gender roles of the Church of Aeolus as misguided and destructive. They also emphasize the spiritual aspects of sex, and discourage traditional marriage. These ideas are considered heretical by both of the main sects of Bereus, and followers of Alirya cannot practice openly without social stigma.

Game Mechanics

Symbol: Crescent Moon
Domains: Good, Chaos, Air, Trickery, Luck
Favored Weapon: Warhammer


Bareus’ essence is that of creation. Through creative acts, you bring yourself closer to her. One must find their own truth and reject things which attempt to restrict the spirit. A follower of Alirya is forbidden from believing what she reads. The afterlife is different for all individuals.

Worship and Practice

Worship ceremonies are secret and involve strange rituals, music, and dancing. All rites are very informal, including marriage. It is considered a major taboo to talk about the religion with outsiders.


The Church of Alirya practices mostly in secret to avoid persecution from the dominant churches. A priestess usually leads the group in prayers and rituals, but worshipers are equal beyond this context.

Other Religions

Everyone must find their own path, so all religions are equal. However, the Church of Aeolus does a great deal of harm by insisting on uniformity of belief. The Church of Calam is good-intentioned, but boring. All sects of Krasis merely praise destruction, a foolish notion. Followers of Zeinos praise life but miss out on the experiences that make life worth living.

Church of Alirya

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