Church of Aeolus

The Church of Aeolus (LG)

The Church of Aeolus is a Lawful Good sect of Bareus worship. This sect closely follows the words of Aeolus, the warrior-prophet, as well as those of Dram, a martyr. Adherents of this religion see the entire world as entrenched in a battle between the forces of good and evil. This battle is both literal and figurative – they must push back the influence of evil in the world just as they fight its influence in themselves.

While this church encourages the development of martial strength and personal virtues, it also preaches that evil must be punished through appropriate retribution. It further emphasizes the value of community and family in fostering justice and order. Adherents of the religion are sometimes called Tyreans, after the Holy Kingdom of Tyr established by Aeolus before he left Orentil for the celestial realms.

Game Mechanics

Symbol: Sword through a building with three towers, representing the Holy Kingdom of Tyr.
Domains: Law, Good, War, Air
Favored Weapon: Longsword


The forces of good and evil are forever locked in a battle for your soul. A well-ordered society keeps the forces of evil at bay. Honor is the law of personal governance. A man’s role is father, warrior, provider, and protector. A woman’s role is mother, caretaker, and educator.

There are different levels of the afterlife. Those who lead good lives and follow the example set by Bareus will go to a place of eternal contentment. However, those who fight and die in the service of Bareus will live forever in Bareus’ own celestial realm.

Deadly Sins include cowardice, recklessness, and lust. High Virtues are piety, moderation, and justice.

Worship and Practice

Many towns have a large, cathedral-like church built by the Tyreans. These buildings often serve as community hubs. Worship of Bareus in the Church of Aeolus is usually conducted in these buildings at least twice weekly, in highly ritualized and ordered ceremonies. The stories and teachings of the religion are passed down through the reading of holy books and a strong oral tradition. A common theme in their stories is that of resisting temptation and slaying great evils.

In addition, adherents to this sect believe that some foods, such as pork and shellfish, are unclean and should not be eaten. While alcohol and other drugs are not strictly forbidden, the church does teach that living a life free from alcohol and mind-altering substances is important for one’s spiritual development.

Holy days are common in this church, and most are celebrations of Martyrs, historical events, and battles won. At the age of 16, a child is considered an adult in the Church and participates in a public ceremony known as the Ritual of the Sunrise. Marriage is a public affair and is celebrated with a large ceremony. Funerals are also public, and usually involve a ritual burning of the body.

Sex, especially premarital sex, is a major taboo among the adherents of this religion.


The church of Aeolus is ridigly structured, with many ranks and offices. The highest of these offices is the Patriarch, who answers only to the prophets and to Bareus himself. The Patriarch appoints Bishops and Lord Paladins in each district of the Church. Lower church offices are appointed directly by these offices. In addition, the Church trains Paladins and soldiers who will fight to protect the Church. Clerics and Paladins also act as inquisitors, and hunt heretics, the undead, and evil outsiders.

Other religions

They see the Calamites as well-meaning but wishy-washy heretics who ignore the very real danger posed by the evil in the world, and who have watered-down Bareus himself by ignoring the wrath he brings down upon the sinful. All worshipers of Krasis are dangerous heretics and must be destroyed. Though worshipers of Zeinos are heretics, they are largely harmless. Only the most outspoken of Zeinos worshipers are problematic, as they can lead one off the path of righteousness to a path of sloth and sin.

Church of Aeolus

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