Welcome to the Mirmeior campaign!

The World Tree: Mirmeior. Upon its many branches sit innumerable worlds. Among these: Orentil, a world of warring lords, ancient civilizations and untamed wilds. On the western part of the continent of Celenth lies the town of Amleth. In this town, a quiet settlement near the Mistwood, a group of adventurers gathers for the funeral of a famous hero. Before them lies all kinds of adventure or something!

Character Creation rules:

Characters will be created with the Point Buy System , using 36 points. Starting Level is 1. Starting gold will be max of class-based starting gold:

240gp for Fighters, Paladins & Rangers (and similar classes, etc.)
200gp for Clerics & Rogues
160gp for Barbarians & Bards
120gp for Sorcerors & Wizards (wizards get a free spellbook)
80gp for Druids
20gp for Monks

Supplemental material is allowed, but all material not in the core books, PHB 2, or Complete Series must be approved by the DM. I’m mostly pretty open to things. You can play monstrous races if you want, but the campaign would suddenly be a lot more difficult for you, socially speaking.

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